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We are dedicated to delivering excellent Support, no matter how large or small your organization.

Products and services include bare metal and virtual servers, networking, data solutions, private cloud solutions, and Security.. Customize network capabilities with uplink upgrades, load balancing within or between data centers, and optimized performance.

Security while you scale.

Leverage firewalls, SSL certificates, and security software to protect your data as your cloud infrastructure grows. Provision, configure, and update network resources on demand as your needs change.

Chat with one of our team to discuss which networking options are best for you.

Server Control

Manage how your servers communicate with each other and with the outside world. Customize network capabilities with load balancing within or between data centers,

Stop losing valuable time and money from downtime. Enroll inow in  Managed Service with no obligation or contract. Pricing is $100 per month per node on your account.

Can I designate which Node are to be managed?

Yes. If you are running more than one Node, not all are required to be managed. You can establish separate accounts ( e.g., production and development ) and monitor only the most critical services running on designated Nodes.

Incident response

Actively track uptime and responsiveness for every registered system and service. If a check fails, our experts will take immediate steps to get your systems back online as quickly as possible.
Downtime is expensive and puts your company's reputation at risk.

Cloning & Images

Clone an entire configuration or just the disk images you select to another Node.
Combine with the IP failover feature to create your own high-availability cluster. Create snapshots of a disk volume preserving paths, files, boot information and filesystem details for subsequent replication.

8 Global datacenters

Asia Pacific - Singapore -Tokyo*

North America - US West - US Central - US South - US East

Europe - Frankfurt - London