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Is it easy to use?

With a intergrated control panel to Managed Virtual Servers Services, Databases, email and much more. You have the flexibility to add websites on the fly, and maintain email accounts with ease.

How do security and updates work?

We will ensure your managed server is kept up to date with the latest software patches and updates. We will do it all for you and maintain your environment so you can concentrate on what matters. 

Managed Virtual Server be powerfull enough?

Yes it will be. Your managed Virtual Server is driven by enterprise grade hardware with dedicated resources at your disposal. You dont share resources like RAM, disk space and processors, your websites has preference and makes full use of bare metal power to give you the best experience. 

Can I customise it? 

Need something special? PostgreSQL?, Ruby on Rails? etc. It is your infrastructure – you can do what you want! Our technical admins will install and secure your software application. 

How much disk space, RAM, system resources do I need?

Your Managed VPS is upgradable at anytime which means you'll never run short of resources. A server with more RAM will produce the best results so be sure to take this into account when choosing your Managed VPS. SSD drives offer 30 percent better performance than SATA drives. 

How Reliable are you? 

Established in 1995, we're a proud of our reputation. Our success is due in part to the fact that we've partnered with one of the largest Global providers to ensure the quickest and most reliable internet experience for our customers. 

Why Managed Business Hosting? 
Dedicated system administrators manage servers with customers on them on a daily basis. They understand the management of a server and making it secure.

Our Managed Business Hosting allows you to utilize our team's expert skills whenever you are after software installs, upgrades or maintenance, you are sure you have a team of experts on your side. Our business hosting range includes a control panel.

Advantages we Offer.
US Central 
US South 
US East 

Which package is best for me?
All our packages offer enterprise grade hardware as well as our managed services. The package you should choose depends on your needs. 

Advantages we Offer.
SSD Drives - 30 plus percent faster than SATA.
24 x 7 Montoring of all active services.
Active attack protection. 
Additional IP's available on a SSL need basis.
SSL certificate free for standard SSL per IP
Off Server backup. 
Geo location failover Available. 
Average uptime with-out reboot - 86 days on average
Average tech time experience - 25+ years
Intel E5 Processors 
The fastest processors in the cloud market. 

Managed vps

Website Design, website hosting

Standard VPS

1 CPU Core
50 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
2000 Mbps Network Out

Website Design, website hosting

Premium VPS

2 CPU Cores
80 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
4000 Mbps Network Out 


4 CPU Cores
160 GB SSD Storage
5 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
5000 Mbps Network Out 

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